The price of coal has soared and the pressure on ceramics companies has soared



  Although because of environmental governance, the current various ceramic production areas in accelerating the process of "coal to gas", but for most of the ceramic enterprises, coal is still the main fuel production. However, due to capacity and other factors, the coal price since the second half of last year will continue to soar, brought a big pressure to the production cost of ceramics factory, many ceramic ten big brand enterprise has issued the price increase notice.

  At the end of the two sessions, premier li keqiang said in a government report that "coal production will be more than 150 million tons in 2017." At the same time, Inner Mongolia, shaanxi, shanxi, henan and other major coal-producing province suffered to hunt down and go to "dual pressure capacity, the supply is affected at the same time, also will bring high coal prices more pressure. For ceramics factories, the pressures of coal shortages and rising costs are hard to avoid.

  According to relevant personage, since march, with the increased during the two sessions safety rectification, and intensify environmental protection inspection, coal utilization is not high, the coal shipment is limited, and 2017 years many downstream enterprises start to resume production, in the coal market demand growth, limited supply conditions, as well as the influence area of Inner Mongolia coal market appear again in short supply situation, many local coal mines have always starts, more coal mine is no coal yield. Tight coal supply to the port and downstream, caused the port sales hot, high tension to the northern port positions, basic broke all into the state, and with the increase of the port of shipment, also caused the LaMeiChe long lines, lining up for coal at the coal mine, team for several kilometers.

  There is a limited supply of coal with severe scrutiny and capacity "double pressure"

  On December 17, 2016, xu shaoshi, director of the national development and reform commission, said at the national development and reform conference that the target of 25 million tons of coal for the whole year was overdone. The "150 million tons" goal of 2017 is still to be reckoned with. A number of coal-producing provinces have announced their targets for 2017. Shaanxi province will cut 10 million tons of coal use in the guanzhong area. Shanxi will close its coal production capacity by around 20 million tons; In henan province, the coal production capacity was 20 million tons, and the coal production capacity was 7.42 million tons. Guizhou plans to close 120 coal mines and reduce excess capacity by 15 million tons. Jilin will close more than 150,000 tons of coal mines and reduce coal production capacity by 3.14 million tons. Inner Mongolia will complete the withdrawal of 1.2 million tons of coal capacity; Xinjiang plans to eliminate 117 coal mines and 118.7 million tons of capacity. All provinces are determined to do so in terms of coal production capacity.

  On March 16, coal construction project of national safety bureau reported in 2016 found that the problem of the safety special, shall be ordered to stop local 118, 135 shall be ordered to stop the construction, administrative penalty of 28.47 million yuan. In addition, according to the national safety supervision administration of national coal safety bureau about special work in coal comprehensive safety check-up notice requirements, this year's coal comprehensive security "check-up" specific work since March 2017, until the end of 2017. Many mines in various regions are "in the state of physical examination" as the country continues to upgrade its coal mines. Among them, the Inner Mongolia autonomous region has begun a "physical examination" of large areas of coal mine, ordering the suspension of the construction and the construction of a coal mine, and a total of 197 coal mines in the long term. In the same way, the shaanxi province also carried out a comprehensive safety "medical examination" for coal mines, ordering the suspension of the construction and suspension of the construction of a coal mine and a total of 110 coal mines. In addition, shanxi and other coal-producing provinces have also begun to tighten regulation of coal mines, while keeping the supply of coal at the same time as they do so. The analysis by the asia-pacific coal trading center suggests that the coal sector appears to be on the rise, and coal is not the news. Coal is not the news.

  The rise in coal is not a news story.

  It is understood that since the end of February, due to various coal scrutiny, increase coal of coal mine in shanxi, Inner Mongolia, most of the coal traders began to stock up attentively, 2017 years of the downstream enterprises to resume production, high demand, coal supply, prices go up and up. Meanwhile, rising freight rates and transport difficulties are also important factors in coal prices. So, under the triple pressure of rising supplies, rising coal prices and freight rates, many of the companies are "stressed out".

  It is understood that the price of coal in guangdong province has risen to more than 1000 yuan/ton from 500 yuan/ton last year. The people involved in the analysis, with a production line of 2,000 tons of coal a month, and coal per ton up 500 yuan per ton, will increase production costs by 1 million yuan per month. The annual production cost of each production line will increase by 10 million yuan per year.

  Coal prices rising at the same time, however, some regions in response to the national development and reform commission to further promote the reform of marketization of non-residential use natural gas, have lower gas prices, gas use large industrial enterprises reductions, to reach the purpose of improving gas utilization. Quanzhou city has price bureau to adjust the price of natural gas terminal sales channel, cut resident and non-resident natural gas terminal sales prices, including a non-resident users pipeline gas prices its terminal sales ceiling price changed from the current 2.638 yuan per cubic meter of short duration to 2.56 yuan per cubic meter, allows within the scope of the ceiling price negotiation between supply and demand.

  Rising coal prices and lower natural-gas prices have helped to further boost the industry's "coal change".


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