Luoyang "meidiya" sanitary wares export brand how to build?


  China's Luoyang meidiya porcelain industry co., LTD. Is a private enterprise that is transformed from a state-owned enterprise. In recent years,

The charm of dynamic meidiya


  To make the life rich and colorful of employees, promote each department colleagues communicate with each other, enhance the collective cohesion and team spirit, create a healthy

Convey passion and happiness


  -- the company celebrates "May Day" employee basketball game

Luoyang Meidiya Ceramics Co.,Ltd


  Luoyang Meidiya Ceramics Co.,Ltd due to the need of production need to purchase calcite, zirconium silicate, quartz, kaolin, frit, raw materials such as aluminum oxide, zinc oxide, talc, first to social public bidding. April 12-14, 2016: welcome to call for information, contact: top official, CAI manager: +86-13849832668, +86-15038692766.

The trailer for the trailer of Luoyang Meidiya Ceramics Co.,Ltd


  The bidding announcement of Qingdao and lianyungang trailer (project name) of Luoyang Meidiya Ceramics Co.,Ltd   A brief introduction to the project   Luoyang meidi porcelain industry co., LTD., located in the henan luoyang springs of xinan yi road 305, the longhai railway, even huo high-speed, 310 national highway and, the traffic is very convenient. Covering an area of 105,000 square meters, the fixed assets are 150 million yuan, and the staff are over 1000 people, with the capacity to produce 2 million pieces of high grade sanitary ceramics. The products are mainly sold in Europe, America, southeast Asia, Middle East, and Africa. More than one million products are sold in China, the largest health and ceramic export enterprises in central China. At present, the main export ports are Qingdao port and lianyungang, the export container quantity is Qingdao: 170x40HQ/month, lianyungang 40x40HQ/month, the weight is usually about 15 tons. In order to stabilize the trailer service, we are now bidding for the service of Qingdao and lianyungang.   The requirements of the tenderer's qualifications   1. The team   1) the trailer company shall have the right to traffic permit, the customs supervision vehicle qualification and other formalities   2) be familiar with various stations and henan traffic routes   3) able to transport 11 points of invoice (which can be turned on) by land transportation.   4) it is a priority for the team with 10 cabinet or above   3) there is a priority in the cargo generation that has the capability of a cooperative team   Bidding documents   1) company introduction   2) the license, business license, tax registration certificate, etc., relevant certificate of the team and the various stations   3) fax the above documents to 0379-67272684 on February 29,   Registration fee: 200 yuan.   The official bidding period   At 10:00 am on March 1, 2016   Place of bid invitation   The conference room on the second floor of the meidiya porcelain industry co., luoyang, henan province   7, contact information   Contact: sun director   Contact phone: 0379-67270241   Note: please sign up for the registration record by feb 29, please contact the staff of customer service center of meidiya porcelain co., LTD.   Luoyang meidia ceramics co., LTD   The 2015-2-24
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