Luoyang "meidiya" sanitary wares export brand how to build?



  China's Luoyang meidiya porcelain industry co., LTD. Is a private enterprise that is transformed from a state-owned enterprise. In recent years, the company based on domestic and international market demand, to practical, high quality, high-end, diversified products, sanitary ware products have 20 series more than 100, under the severe situation in domestic and foreign market, break into the international market, products are exported to Britain, France, Germany, Russia, South Africa, the Middle East and other 49 countries and regions, export volume of more than $2015 in 5000, sales of more than 300 million yuan, in henan province and the central and western regions in the first place.

  Take a change -- make the business transition more dynamic. Meidi xinan ceramic and porcelain industry co., LTD is located in luoyang, henan industrial park, located in China's western frontier, with the east to the west and south to north on location advantages and "area". Luoyang airport, the longhai railway, the huo highway and the 310 national highway are crossing the border, the transportation is convenient. It was awarded by the national bureau of statistics "China 500 largest building materials industry enterprises".

  In 2013, after the restructuring of meidi company, integrating capital of 70 million yuan, has carried on the energy saving technical reconstruction workers, resource integration, system integration, integration, 200 on a new British micro pressure grouting molding production lines, research and development equipment 2 sets, 10 sets of automatic detection equipment, product revocation of administrative department of the four, two new technology research and development, quality inspection department. Aiming at home and abroad ceramic market at the same time, committed to the development and production of high quality sanitary ware, new products cover on the conjoined sit implement, implement, urinal, wash basin, sink, mop pool, such as more than 80 varieties, annual output of 2.5 million pieces of high-grade sanitary ceramics and affordable health porcelain. Part of the product has passed the certification of China's water-saving products, export products through the American UPC, HET, and the European Union CE certification, more than 150 domestic cities has sales outlets, products are mainly sold to beijing-guangzhou route, Yangtze river delta and the bohai rim region. Export products are mainly exported to the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, South Africa, the Middle East and other 49 countries and regions, more than $3000 to earn foreign exchange through exports, become the largest health ceramic export enterprises in China in the central and western regions. In 2015, sales reached 200 million yuan.

  Research and development -- let innovation support brand strength. Technology is the key to business development. In recent years, the company attaches great importance to product development and technical innovation, and has invested nearly 20 million yuan in research and development of pulp glaze and new products. Combined with international advanced technology research and development department of mud vacuum mixing, molding, combined casting and micro pressure grouting at the new technology, the integrated use of tunnel kiln waste heat and energy saving, new varieties bloom glaze production material formula, double glazing process, homemade nanocomposites, such as technology, has successfully developed independently the glaze ultra smooth surface, new product defending bath of more than 40 super bright effect, not only reduce the cost, and improve the yield and quality, has obtained the good economic benefits. 40 has won the national patents, intellectual property office of henan province named 'patent 20 industrial enterprises in henan province ". Not only reduce the cost, and improve the yield and quality, has obtained the good economic benefits.

  With wuhan university of technology at the same time, xianyang ceramics research and design institute, luoyang refractory materials research institute and other research institutes to establish a long-term relations of cooperation, joint development success out of the intelligent toilet, special refractory kiln furniture, low pressure fast row of combination of vertical pouring production line and a series of high-end new technology project, was named "the comprehensive utilization of resources and energy conservation association of henan province", "China building sanitary ceramics association director unit", "8220; member of the Chinese association of product quality", has become a henan university of technology, luoyang institute of technology graduate practice base. Successively developed paragraphs 15 fission sit implement, 12 Siamese toilet, were superior to the national water conservation standard, the flush is 4.5 litres, also better than the American UPC and the European Union standards, not only access to the national water saving certification, and obtain North America "UPC", "HET" certification, the European Union "CE" certification, obtained the certification of products are exported to the developed countries and regions.

  Quality - let the product highlight the competitive power. Mediya establishes a comprehensive quality management system. Rely on process control to ensure sound operation of quality system network, the factors affecting the quality of each process, with scientific management, from raw materials into the factory to the producers of all processes as well as with other related departments as the main body, organized in the system, through the standardization, information flow, organization and coordination and strict quality responsibility system, mobilize the full connection, linking up and down, to ensure the quality of process work quality, in process quality to ensure the quality of end products, continuously meet the needs of the users and to adapt to the market.

  Is a strict raw material quality, in strict accordance with the inspection standard test, choose big scale, high qualification, reputable raw material suppliers, make sure the high quality raw material, build a foundation for the production of high quality products, provide strong guarantee.

  Second, the technology is the leading position in the same industry, all adopt the domestic advanced mud vacuum mixing and pressure grouting technology production. With German imports of gas automation wide section tunnel kiln firing, temperature control is reasonable, the product glaze color bright smooth, modelling is novel, all meet the requirements of the quality of high-grade sanitary ceramics.

  Three is to establish and perfect the company quality management system, has a perfect measurement test system, measuring equipment all realize computer management, ensure accurate and correct. All products through the henan province bureau of quality and technical supervision indexes of the physical and chemical detection test, and in strict accordance with the above domestic enterprise internal standard inspection, product by GB6952-2015 detection by sanitary ceramics national standards, to achieve A kind of product requirements, and has won the Chinese building materials industry association sanitary ceramics association awarded quality certification, exports to the European Union "CE" standard and "UPC" and "HET" standard in the United States. In recent years, meidi WeiTao products not only become the famous brand of Chinese sanitary ware industry, and achieve zero complaints and return rate for customers, by foreign praise.

  Get publicity - make your brand attractive. The company always adheres to the trademark strategy and carries out the famous brand strategy. To enhance meidi visibility and reputation, the company increased brand promotion propaganda, after get Chinese well-known trademark, successively with CCTV "urban construction and housing" established cooperation relationship on propaganda, in meidi, website, professional magazines and newspapers, propaganda album, local radio and television propaganda media, and Poland household building materials exhibition, China guangzhou international fair, China asean expo show high specification, high publicity and display "meidi ya" series brand, greatly enhance the meidi, brand awareness, reputation and market influence. Currently, meidiya products are sold in 27 provincial-level regions of China, with nearly a thousand dealers, more than 2,000 domestic end users, and customers all over the world. Products are Shanghai F1 international standard circuit, China academy of fine arts, university of east China, luoyang huayang international hotel and other well-known building USES, wide praise certain market and with the door at home and abroad.

  Luoyang meidia ceramics co., LTD

  The factory gate

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  National standard product testing center

  Establish brand publicity relationship with CCTV's "urban construction and housing"

  Establish long-term relationship with foreign businessmen at the Canton fair every year


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Luoyang "meidiya" sanitary wares export brand how to build?

  China's Luoyang meidiya porcelain industry co., LTD. Is a private enterprise that is transformed from a state-owned enterprise. In recent years,


The search for intelligent manufacturing in guangdong also clears the way

  Ceramics is one of the most distinctive products and industries in China, and the world knows China for ceramics. Guangdong with its own resources, market, location unique development advantages, has been leading the development of Chinese ceramics, and established as the strength of the ceramic base in China, existing in foshan and chaozhou ceramics are. As one of the ten famous brands in ceramic industry leader in the industry of guangdong, the types of product diversification development became a scenery line of the ceramic industry, at the moment in ceramic industry occupies very important position in the national and the world.   But over the years, the guangdong ceramics industry has faced many problems. Released recently, the guangdong environmental protection bureau of the central environmental protection inspectorate 4 designated by the guangdong problem investigation and handling status summary table "shows that as of December 12, 16, 2016 in guangdong province, guangzhou, zhuhai, foshan, shaoguan, dongguan, jiangmen, huizhou, zhanjiang, yunfu, yangjiang, shantou, jieyang and shanwei city unveiled the central environmental protection inspectorate complaint, 246 pieces of processing conditions, involved to 16 ceramics factory, two ceramics factory, there is no environmental illegal 13 ceramics factory was filed for investigation for environmental law, one is under investigation.   Environmental pollution caused by high energy consumption; There is little market for high-end products, a red sea for low-end products; Threshold is low, many small business and technical reserves, low market share of large enterprise groups, and so on a series of problems, let the "ceramic capital of guangdong to be hit.   Can continue to prosper in ceramic industry development, in addition to its profound historical background, there is another important reason is that the ceramic industry has become one of the economic source of income. Although guangdong is a major ceramic production province, but still is given priority to with the medium of product of pottery and porcelain, low value-added products, in the international market price is not high, in the process of development always is a high investment, energy-consuming, high pollution and low benefit. In addition, the production technology is backward, the innovation potential is insufficient, the talent shortage and so on causes the guangdong ceramics industry to face the crisis.   Held in guangzhou in May last year, "ceramic industry in guangdong province from 2015 to 2016 annual meeting and guangdong ceramics association member congress and the third ceramic art master located in guangdong province", the guangdong ceramic association, director of the 2015 guangdong ceramic industry status and work in guangdong ceramic association report pointed out that in 2015, the provincial ceramic industry main business income is 216.84 billion yuan, building ceramics production 2.52 billion square meters, fell 1.4% year on year; The output of sanitary ceramics was 409.19 million units, down 22.2% year on year. The production of daily (art) ceramic production was 4.84 billion, and it was down. In the first three months of 2016, 590 million square meters of construction ceramics were produced in the province, down 1.9 percent year on year. The output of sanitary ceramics was 12.176,000, down 19.1% year on year. In terms of exports, the total amount of porcelain products exported in 2015 totaled 143.45 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 2.1 percent, up from the year before, according to the guangzhou customs statistics. Total exports totaled $8.74 billion (38.4% of the country), up 13.0%, a 12.2% decline from the year before. Although industry faces unprecedented difficulties and pressure, along with the advancement of reform of the supply side, the acceleration of industrial structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading, product research and development, many enterprises continuously enhance innovation layout of intelligent manufacturing.   In recent years, there has been a high demand for intelligent manufacturing, and the personality of ceramic enterprises is seeking to escape the "mire" of the competition of homogenization through intelligent manufacturing. A ceramic enterprise, general manager of the nail is pointed out that the current existing problems in the manufacturing process of ceramic industry in China, he said, "the current domestic automation degree is not high, only a half automation, such as kiln, in spite of automation control system, but due to the unstable gas calorific value, such as voltage and current fluctuations, difficult to adapt to automation control system, only by manual adjustment. Unless it's ceramic industry supporting can reach standardization, will effectively promote the degree of automation. Compared with the domestic and foreign automation degree is high, so they need the whole line around 50 people can, and we estim


The use of ceramic brands to mimic the flood of innovation can help prevent problems

  One corporate boss has said that we are not in a hurry to market, because it is too early to open the market and products are easily copied by others.   There is nothing wrong with copying without sin.   The rise of China's top ten brands is the use of imitation boats. In order to reduce risk and loss, to gain the maximum benefit and deliberate slowly, it is wiser and more refracted. Some people even say that in the market, a quick step could be an advanced one, or a forerunner. But it's not easy to sit on the diaoyutai slowly.   Achieve innovation and development of strategic layout, innovation leads the strategic height, ceramic enterprises need more "as long as kung fu deep, iron pestle ground into a needle" firm belief, with international vision and steadfast drive, turn your attention to with independent intellectual property rights of independent innovation, this is the future a period of domestic ceramic enterprises advocate tone, also strong achievement upgrade and the direction of the target.   A word of sleep.   In the ceramic industry that clones imitates the flood, whether the ceramic enterprise that is innovative break the bureau, whether to be able to prevent the disease not yet to slow innovation to take a step   What happens if everyone takes the initiative to slow down   Is it not in tune with the innovation drive   Industry experts say, the initiative innovation is like "attack", slower as a "defense", the market competition is like a majestic football game, if you want to control the scene, win, take the initiative to "attack" always forced to "defensive".   Ceramics, large and medium-sized strength enterprises want to stand in the interests of the industry and strategic height, leading consciousness, independent innovation, lead, promote industrial upgrading, to become the main innovation drive and a striker. Small and medium ceramic enterprises can be moderately aimed at the technology and products that have the upgrade space, to fill the vacancy of the second innovation, the reinvention and the reinvention, the winding path will improve. In order to build the "concerto" of the cooperation and win-win cooperation between the ceramics industry, the "chorus of chorus" is the development of simultaneous innovation.


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