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  Originating from theImperialCityof Han and Tang Dynasty

  Passing on Five-Thousand-Year Civiliztion

  Build Classic Sanitary Wares

  Amining at theSummitof Ceramic Art

  meidiya Sanitary Wares

  【PART1】Historical Heritage

  Our country,China, is so named because of ceramics (a synonym of china). The history of ceramics ofChinais almost an epitome of the history of Chinese civilization. Ever since Han and Tang Dynasty, the wise and gallant ancient Chinese people, laden with silk, jade and exquisite pottery, started from the then political, economic and cultural center of Chang’an to go westward by way of the Mediterranean coast, and they finally blazed a route that connects Asia and Europe—Silk Way, ushering in the history of friendly exchanges between the two Continents. As the startingpoint of Silk Way,Luoyanghas, for quite a long time of period, been a world-famous city, renowned as “The Imperial City Blessed with Holy Water”. On this expanse of land of civilization, numerous people worked hard and tenaciously to build the prominent Ceramic Culture with diligence and wisdom. The exquisite potteries are just like the bright stars in the sky that have drawn endless attention and admiration from the world.

  Time flies, bringing tremendous changes to the world. However, the Ceramic Culture is passed on through one generation after another till today and gains great renewal through the passage of time. Today, in response to the rapid development of science and technology, meidiya emerges inLuoyangand the people of meidiya take it as their own duty to pass on the ancient ceramic culture and produce ceramic sanitary wares that integrates both cutting-edge technology and traditional techniques…

  【PART2】 History of Development

  Established in Oct. 2002, meidiya Ceramics Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock private enterprise that is specialized in the production and sales of ceramic sanitary wares. Formerly known as Luoyang Ceramic Sanitary Wares Factory, a backbone state-owned enterprise founded in 1989, it has been awarded the honorary title of “Top 500 Largest Building Materials Industrial Enterprise inChina” by National Bureau of Statistics in 1993. The Company covers an area of 150,000 m2, and has a registered capital of RMB11.75million, a total asset of RMB140 million, as well as a total staff of more than 1200, including over 340 college and technical secondary school graduates and 68 engineering and technical personnel. Located at Xin'an Ceramic Industrial Park of Luoyang, China, meidiya Ceramics Co., Ltd. is at the frontal zone of West China and serves as a hub that connects the East with the West and the North with the South, being a bridgehead for the Great Development of Western China. It enjoys convenient traffic by adjoiningLuoyangAirport, Lianyungang-Lanzhou Railway,Lianyungang-Huoerguosi Highwayand 310 Highway.

  During the two decades since its establishment, meidiya has always been committed to the development and production of high-quality sanitary wares. It has been successively elected as member of Association of Resources Comprehensive Utilization and Energy Conservation of Henan province, member of China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association and member unit of China Product Quality Association, and chosen as the excellent graduate internship base of Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology and Henan University of Technology. The products range over more than 80 varieties, including one-piece toilet, wall-hung urinal, urinal, washbasin, washing tank and mop pool, etc., with annual production of medium and high-grade ceramic sanitary wares and common sanitary wares reaching 2.5 million. As a national well-known trademark, meidiya has its sales volume ranking first inChina. Part of its products have passed China Water-saving Product Certification, and the exported products have passed the UPC and HET certification of the USas well as CE certification of EU. The Company has established outlets in more than 150 cities with products mainly distributed along Beijing-Guangzhou Line, Yangtze River Delta region and Bohai-Rim region. The products are mainly exported to 29 countries and regions, includingBritain,France,Germany,Russia,South Africa,Middle Eastand so forth, with annual foreign exchange earnings reaching more than USD 200 million, being the largest ceramic sanitary wares exporter in Middle China. The sales revenue reached RMB 162 million in 2014.

  【PART3】Technological Innovation

  Technology plays a pivotal role in driving the enterprise development. meidiya pays great attention to technological advance and innovation. Ever since its establishment, meidiya has upheld the principle of rejuvenating the company through advanced technology and innovation, and established the new product development concept featuring labor intensity reduction, productivity promotion and product quality improvement. meidiya made bold improvement in production technology and adopts domestically advanced vacuum slip mixing and pressure casting technology, vertical combination casting of washbasin, sink and toilet, as well as micro-pressure casting technology. meidiya has also independently developed waste heat utilization technology, by which, the local resources are exploited and utilized to successfully determine the composition of body and glaze for the premium production of sanitary ceramic wares. The ultra-smooth glaze with antibacterial effect is obtained by adopting the bi-layer glazing technology (bottom and surface glaze) and adding the self-developed nanometer composite antibacterial agent. These advanced processes and technologies bring good economic effects for the Company by improving product quantity and quality and bringing down production cost. meidiya lays emphasis on technological exchange and cooperation with institutions of higher learning and science and technology as evidenced by the long-term cooperation established between the Company and Wuhan University of Technology, Xianyang Ceramic Industry Research Institute and Luoyang Institute of Refractories Research, etc. Together they have jointly developed a series of high-end technology products, such as smart toilet, special refractory kiln and low-pressure and quick-release combined vertical pouring line, etc. and remarkable results have been achieved. These initiatives realize the combination of production, learning and research and lay a solid foundation for the application of new materials, new technologies and new processes in actual production.

  In accordance with the national standard GB GB6952—2005 Ceramic Sanitary Ware meidiya develops new products with novel, stylish, graceful and elegant design and featuring easy installation, cleaning, rinsing and replacement. We are constantly improving the production process to enable the products to be superior to national standards and take the lead among the industrial peers. meidiya has successively developed more than 20 types of split-type toilets and 10 types of one-piece toilets, all of which are superior to national waver-saving standard. More than 10 types of slit-type toilets and 8 types of one-piece toilets have standard flush volume reaching 4.5L, superior that UPC and EU standard of the US, and have therefore obtained the national water-saving certification, North America UPC and HET certification as well as EU CE certification, which are passports for the products exported to developed countries. The products are exported to many foreign countries and regions including theUS,France,Britain,Italy,Belgium,South Korea,RussiaandThailand, etc., becoming the largest ceramic sanitary wares exporter inHenanProvince. It has acquired more than 40 national patents, being rated as “Top 20 Industrial Enterprises with Most Patent Application inHenan” by Henan Provincial Intellectual Property Office.

  [Synchronous Sound] Production Department: The production of meidiya is carried out strictly in accordance with technological process.

  【PART4】Quality Management

  Quality is the lifeline of an enterprise. Through more than 20 years of development, meidiya has established overall quality management system. Relying on strict process control, sound operation of the quality system network is guaranteed. With the efforts of all relevant departments, the quality-related factors in each process are systematically organized, ranging from the raw materials entering the factory to all processes of production. By means of standardization, information flow, organization, coordination and strict quality responsibility system, the whole staff is fully mobilized to work in concerted efforts to ensure the quality of each process and final product with high sense of job responsibility so as to continuously meet the user demands and market requirements.

  [Synchronous Sound] Quality Control Department: I am responsible for the quality of meidiya products.

  meidiya places high emphasis on the quality of raw materials. High acceptance criteria are adopted, and large-scale, qualified and well-reputed raw material suppliers are selected to ensure the acquisition of premium raw materials so as to lay a solid foundation for the production of high-quality products.

  [Synchronous Sound] Raw Materials Department: We exercise strict quality control for raw materials of meidiya products.

  meidiya adopts domestically advanced vacuum slip mixing and pressure casting technology for production. The toilet products are produced 2-3 times per shift and the water tank products are produced 3-4 times per shift and the gas-powered automatic wide-section tunnel kiln that is imported fromGermanyis used for production, and it ensures clean air and reasonable temperature control. The products have bright glaze and stylish appearance, fully meeting the quality requirements of high-grade ceramic sanitary wares. The main process technologies take the leading position in the same industry. The company is in possession of perfect measurement and detection system, and the main measurement instruments are all computer-controlled to ensure high precision. The Company has established a sound quality control system, and all the products have met the index requirements of physical and chemical detection prescribed by Henan Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision and been subject to strict test according to criteria higher than the internal standards of domestic enterprises. In addition, the products have passed the test carried out according to GB6952-2005 National Standards on Sanitary Ceramics and reached the Class A product requirements, and the products have also obtained the quality certificates issued by Sanitary Ceramics Association of China Building Materials Industry Association and the exported products have reached CE standard of EU and UPC and HET standard of the US.

  【PART5】Brand Promotion

  Brand represents the image of an enterprise. meidiya has always been committed to the implementation of an outstanding brand strategy. To improve the reputation and credibility of meidiya, the Company increases its efforts of brand promotion by injecting a special promotion fund of more than RMB 10 million. The “meidiya” series brands are displayed in high profile via meidiya website, specialized magazines, brochures, domestic radio stations, TV stations as well as grand expositions, such as Poland Home Furnishing and Building Materials Exhibition, Guangzhou International Trade Fair of China as well as China-ASEAN Expo, etc. These promotional initiatives greatly promote the publicity, reputation and market influence of meidiya brand and expand market for the products. Currently, Mediya has business presence in 27 provincial administrative regions, where there are nearly 1000 dealers and more than 2000 domestic end users. The products have been used in many well-known architectures, such as F1 International Standard Circuit, China Academy of Art, East China University and Luoyang Huayang International Hotel, being well-received by the users.

  [Synchronous Sound] Sales Department: meidiya sales team plays a dominant role in the enterprise. Guided by the market demand, we always abide by the principle of improving economic benefits and being customer-oriented in an effort to have business presence throughout the country and the world.


  In face of the intensifying market competition, meidiya people are fully aware that only by making unremitting efforts in market exploration and constantly forging ahead, can we gain the market recognition and consumer trust as well as a firm foothold in the great tides of development. In the future, meidiya will integrate all the advantageous resources of the enterprise, and firmly seize the favorable opportunities ofChina’s urbanization and industrial transfer from the East China toWest Chinaby constantly increasing technological input, enhancing R & D capability, improving technological process, optimizing resource configuration and elevating the level of equipment. We will also strive to improve the technological content of products as well as production efficiency, build another 5 production lines, and enable the sales revenue to exceed RMB 500 million so as to build the company into a ceramic base ofWestern Chinaand make meidiya become a world-renowned leading brand of ceramic sanitary wares!

  >In face of the intensifying market competition, meidiya people are fully aware that only by making unremitting efforts in market exploration and constantly forging ahead, can we gain the market recognition and consumer trust as well as a firm foothold in the great tides of development. In the future, meidiya will integrate all the advantageous resources of the enterprise, and firmly seize the favorable opportunities of China’s urbanization and industrial transfer from the East China to West China by constantly increasing technological input, enhancing R & D capability, improving technological process, optimizing resource configuration and elevating the level of equipment. We will also strive to improve the technological content of products as well as production efficiency, build another 5 production lines, and enable the sales revenue to exceed RMB 500 million so as to build the company into a ceramic base of Western China and make meidiya become a world-renowned leading brand of ceramic sanitary wares!


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The use of ceramic brands to mimic the flood of innovation can help prevent problems

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