How does the ceramic brand enterprise manage the supplier



  Recently, with the Shanghai some famous business management training institutions in the famous teacher chat learned that the management level of ascension is the current domestic small and medium-sized private enterprises focus on the link, especially the financial control. In the case of the tutoring business field, he found that many enterprises for the supplier's management is still in a primitive stage of extensive management, the idea and method from modern management mode is still have a long way to go, and this kind of phenomenon is more common in the traditional manufacturing performance.

  Thinking: suppliers need to develop and manage science

  Currently most of the ceramic enterprise's understanding of purchasing function and extensive management lead to the purchasing department is old and "democracy", the present situation of the buyer is "single", contemplation is unreasonable, and unconventional thinking. A simple example, we buy food, buy clothes, buy a bag all understand to shop around, but there are hundreds of thousands, millions of purchasing but only one or two suppliers for all the year round, let alone a reasonable supplier development and supplier management. This is not appropriate for management.

  Manufacturing, in particular, is one of the most difficult things to do. That was "the TaoLian" last year it was born with a bang of the reason, they are part of the function is for ceramic enterprises to optimize procurement procedures, control of suppliers.

  As a traditional manufacturing industry, the ceramic industry also has an unscientific and extensive management of supplier management. At present, the ceramic industry has entered the stage comprehensive shuffling and ascension, under such severe situation, any level of refinement and scientific management and ascension are worth attention and reflections, because in some benefits, the benefits of scientific management and even as obtained from the market efficiency, especially in the enterprise purchase cost accounts for the proportion of the total cost of bigger in terms of manufacturing, even more so.

  Can also, through elaborating the scientific management, through the reconstruction of the internal system, build a more healthy body of enterprise, is currently facing severe external environment, to bring strong survival guarantee.

  Status: purchase department = imperial family or singles department

  It is not difficult to find out in the industry that a lot of business owners have a general idea of the purchasing department's understanding. They generally believe that purchasing department is "money", so to strictly control the purchasing team on the number of employees, the huge production enterprise, there is a lot of enterprise purchasing only two or three people. Bosses for purchasing department, however, and show a strong hold, table now purchasing department is equal to enterprise "democracy", "network", the purchasing power has been the boss's relatives even directly controls the boss himself.

  In the direction of this model, the whole function of the purchasing department is either to obey orders, and to cooperate with suppliers may be the embodiment of the will of the boss; Or a hand, energy limited only limited is the "single" day and night - the purchase order, delivery order, the invoice as well as a variety of forms, basic care other.

  Strategy: how do the ten top brands of ceramics manage the suppliers

  First, change the idea, the purchasing department to as for-profit sector - a penny saved is a penny earned, how much a year to save procurement costs, can be implemented in proportion to reward mechanism, improve purchasing department for scientific use of mind control. Advocate the buyer and the salesman as perennial on a business trip, visiting different supplier suppliers, the development and docking, to achieve a wider range of shopping and buy according to qualification.

  Second, establish a supplier evaluation mechanism and conduct strict evaluation and management of suppliers according to the necessary standards, looking for quality suppliers.

  Third, establish the supplier database, update regularly and strictly manage. For purchases that exceed the required categories, be sure to have a number of quality suppliers available each year. This is where the real scientific and rational supplier management is.

  Is the so-called "road to Jane," it is simple enough to say a lot of popular, widely known, but in actual operation, but often is ignored by the masses.


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  Ceramics is one of the most distinctive products and industries in China, and the world knows China for ceramics. Guangdong with its own resources, market, location unique development advantages, has been leading the development of Chinese ceramics, and established as the strength of the ceramic base in China, existing in foshan and chaozhou ceramics are. As one of the ten famous brands in ceramic industry leader in the industry of guangdong, the types of product diversification development became a scenery line of the ceramic industry, at the moment in ceramic industry occupies very important position in the national and the world.   But over the years, the guangdong ceramics industry has faced many problems. Released recently, the guangdong environmental protection bureau of the central environmental protection inspectorate 4 designated by the guangdong problem investigation and handling status summary table "shows that as of December 12, 16, 2016 in guangdong province, guangzhou, zhuhai, foshan, shaoguan, dongguan, jiangmen, huizhou, zhanjiang, yunfu, yangjiang, shantou, jieyang and shanwei city unveiled the central environmental protection inspectorate complaint, 246 pieces of processing conditions, involved to 16 ceramics factory, two ceramics factory, there is no environmental illegal 13 ceramics factory was filed for investigation for environmental law, one is under investigation.   Environmental pollution caused by high energy consumption; There is little market for high-end products, a red sea for low-end products; Threshold is low, many small business and technical reserves, low market share of large enterprise groups, and so on a series of problems, let the "ceramic capital of guangdong to be hit.   Can continue to prosper in ceramic industry development, in addition to its profound historical background, there is another important reason is that the ceramic industry has become one of the economic source of income. Although guangdong is a major ceramic production province, but still is given priority to with the medium of product of pottery and porcelain, low value-added products, in the international market price is not high, in the process of development always is a high investment, energy-consuming, high pollution and low benefit. In addition, the production technology is backward, the innovation potential is insufficient, the talent shortage and so on causes the guangdong ceramics industry to face the crisis.   Held in guangzhou in May last year, "ceramic industry in guangdong province from 2015 to 2016 annual meeting and guangdong ceramics association member congress and the third ceramic art master located in guangdong province", the guangdong ceramic association, director of the 2015 guangdong ceramic industry status and work in guangdong ceramic association report pointed out that in 2015, the provincial ceramic industry main business income is 216.84 billion yuan, building ceramics production 2.52 billion square meters, fell 1.4% year on year; The output of sanitary ceramics was 409.19 million units, down 22.2% year on year. The production of daily (art) ceramic production was 4.84 billion, and it was down. In the first three months of 2016, 590 million square meters of construction ceramics were produced in the province, down 1.9 percent year on year. The output of sanitary ceramics was 12.176,000, down 19.1% year on year. In terms of exports, the total amount of porcelain products exported in 2015 totaled 143.45 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 2.1 percent, up from the year before, according to the guangzhou customs statistics. Total exports totaled $8.74 billion (38.4% of the country), up 13.0%, a 12.2% decline from the year before. Although industry faces unprecedented difficulties and pressure, along with the advancement of reform of the supply side, the acceleration of industrial structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading, product research and development, many enterprises continuously enhance innovation layout of intelligent manufacturing.   In recent years, there has been a high demand for intelligent manufacturing, and the personality of ceramic enterprises is seeking to escape the "mire" of the competition of homogenization through intelligent manufacturing. A ceramic enterprise, general manager of the nail is pointed out that the current existing problems in the manufacturing process of ceramic industry in China, he said, "the current domestic automation degree is not high, only a half automation, such as kiln, in spite of automation control system, but due to the unstable gas calorific value, such as voltage and current fluctuations, difficult to adapt to automation control system, only by manual adjustment. Unless it's ceramic industry supporting can reach standardization, will effectively promote the degree of automation. Compared with the domestic and foreign automation degree is high, so they need the whole line around 50 people can, and we estim


The use of ceramic brands to mimic the flood of innovation can help prevent problems

  One corporate boss has said that we are not in a hurry to market, because it is too early to open the market and products are easily copied by others.   There is nothing wrong with copying without sin.   The rise of China's top ten brands is the use of imitation boats. In order to reduce risk and loss, to gain the maximum benefit and deliberate slowly, it is wiser and more refracted. Some people even say that in the market, a quick step could be an advanced one, or a forerunner. But it's not easy to sit on the diaoyutai slowly.   Achieve innovation and development of strategic layout, innovation leads the strategic height, ceramic enterprises need more "as long as kung fu deep, iron pestle ground into a needle" firm belief, with international vision and steadfast drive, turn your attention to with independent intellectual property rights of independent innovation, this is the future a period of domestic ceramic enterprises advocate tone, also strong achievement upgrade and the direction of the target.   A word of sleep.   In the ceramic industry that clones imitates the flood, whether the ceramic enterprise that is innovative break the bureau, whether to be able to prevent the disease not yet to slow innovation to take a step   What happens if everyone takes the initiative to slow down   Is it not in tune with the innovation drive   Industry experts say, the initiative innovation is like "attack", slower as a "defense", the market competition is like a majestic football game, if you want to control the scene, win, take the initiative to "attack" always forced to "defensive".   Ceramics, large and medium-sized strength enterprises want to stand in the interests of the industry and strategic height, leading consciousness, independent innovation, lead, promote industrial upgrading, to become the main innovation drive and a striker. Small and medium ceramic enterprises can be moderately aimed at the technology and products that have the upgrade space, to fill the vacancy of the second innovation, the reinvention and the reinvention, the winding path will improve. In order to build the "concerto" of the cooperation and win-win cooperation between the ceramics industry, the "chorus of chorus" is the development of simultaneous innovation.


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