The collection of ceramics should be careful not to be confused by appearances



  Now has become a popular online sales porcelain, it is difficult to distinguish from the elaborate pictures true quality porcelain, makes you more difficult to distinguish between the two pictures are the same porcelain, think the price gap is too big, especially the top ten brands of ceramic collection, feel the cost of porcelain unfathomable, "issue". Is the price of porcelain really confusing

  I'd like to talk to you about the experience of making porcelain in jingdezhen for several decades.

  Don't look at the value of porcelain from some surface phenomenon; Porcelain, unlike other commodities, jingdezhen porcelain is made by hand, basic technology, basic is the traditional process, the product cannot reach the same standard, in the past there is a ballad "hundred kiln than a treasure" that is very difficult to make a perfect porcelain, porcelain products will be hundreds of quality defects, the gap will affect the final sales price to produce unexpected. Many factors, such as color, enamel, fine degree, and technical difficulties, can make a difference in price. A low-grade porcelain and a high-grade porcelain surface is the plaster molding, glazing and firing after from the production process to see the difference is not too big, but when you know about the hardships of high-grade porcelain production will understand cost is not imagination of so simple.

  Again, the question of workmanship

  Only from the raw material price difference how much we will be able to see the price difference, but only use money to buy these materials is not enough, because many high-grade raw materials due to many years no one understood the use method and sintering process, need to test will success can only be use for many times, very few adept experts experiment.

  Many years' production practice of the they told them to use their not familiar with the craft of porcelain, the end result must be economic failure, foreign investors do not understand the laws porcelain production, cut test reform, success will not easily, are almost all failed, so antique porcelain production technology progress is very slow.

  The cost of production is a major cost, such as a teacup to shape the cheapest machine moulding needs only a few Angle of operating costs, grouting molding may be cheap, and a hand pull embryo fetal thin cup molding fee will be few yuan.

  And able to produce high-end boutique craftsman is still hard to find, from blocking to burning need to pass from the kiln drying billet, slab, billet, hydrating, swinging glaze, coloured drawing or pattern, glazing, billet, seting, blowing, clinkering, the kiln... Auxiliary process with the series of dozens of working procedure, which will make the product as long as there is a negligence of scrapped, if these auxiliary production of high-grade porcelain work also is important to hire professional auxiliary craftsmen.

  If making low-grade product because of the thickness of the flat tyre, the process requires that the low-grade product can be finished by simple filling water, it will be able to apply the glaze, the cooking, the cost is very low.

  Porcelain, the more fine workmanship, clever, thin, fine, the simulation demand is high, the greater the chance of the quality problem, the personality is jingdezhen porcelain production areas other than basic don't belong to the hard-paste porcelain, porcelain product deformation caused by quality defects alone is lower than the jingdezhen porcelain dozens of times, and these defective instruments included in the cost.

  Colour painting accounts for a large proportion of the cost of porcelain, and the difference between the cost of painting and painting is very large. Still in the cup, for example: hire apprentices to draw simple patterns do not need to pay, a few dollars and ordinary craftsmen senior craftsman need hundreds of yuan, if the drawing complex images such as qingming scroll to thousands of yuan. Is the gap between cost of a small inscription is unthinkable, low-grade decals, printing process an inscription in just a few cents, but an neatly handwritten inscription will four yuan a word, if an inscription "simulation in place" is hundreds of yuan.

  Although only a little difference but the difference of cost is a China hundreds, as if a seemingly ordinary tureen craft, some sell more than a dozen pieces, others of thousands of yuan.

  The first is the selection of raw materials

  First from the mud material, there are more than one hundred yuan a ton of slag mud, there are more than three thousand yuan a ton of special mud, if in accordance with the general industrial product pricing rule "a worker is expected to" rule, the price of the porcelain to differ 300 times! Slag mud is dressing when fetal scraping mud material, can only be sold to production upscale porcelain factory, some cheap grouting molding archaize ceramic is to use this kind of mud material; "Medium white mud", 400 yuan or so, is the main mud material for making medium and low imitation ancient porcelain. The "high white mud" is a ton of about 1000 yuan, which is the main raw material for the production of high-grade imitation ancient porcelain. About 3,000 tons of mud from Taiwan are made of high-grade Japanese porcelain. "Zhejiang mud" is the quality mud that makes the midrange porcelain in the jidao period. "Tread on mud" is the production of high-grade imitation ancient porcelain clay.

  Besides, the glaze material, from the corner of one jin to a few tens of yuan a kilo, the variety, the price of a slightly different glaze of the enamel color can be tens of times. The quality of the material from the "dirt" from dozens of yuan to 10,000 jin, and the quality of the bright pearl, which is difficult to buy, will be used. The characters in glaze color are "magenta", the basic glaze used for powder enamel. The so-called "rose color" average of only a dozen yuan of one jin of imports need nearly 10,000 jin.

  These basic materials are the basic conditions for making porcelain work, so as long as there is no quality material in one link, it will inevitably fail to reach the design requirement.

  Finally, the yield and other factors

  All the costs listed above are not the final cost. The fundamental reason for the high cost of porcelain making in jingdezhen is that the defect rate is too high.

  Hard porcelain has two big difficulties: one is deformation, so the quality standard of jingdezhen porcelain is not without the circle requirement, only the requirement is not on stilts; 2 it is iron, high temperature firing embryo glaze of iron oxide gather precipitation shows on the glaze, in other parts of the production of porcelain firing low temperature will not appear this kind of phenomenon.

  Out much more increased production costs, personality for boutique investment is big, high technological requirements cannot increase production, once appear quality problem is devastating, producing one hundred pieces of China, for example, there are twenty pieces of incomplete, can take out the cost of the booth in eighty in a China cost growth is not much, if is made in two one is incomplete, you can imagine how much cost will increase another thing.

  Costs described above are just some of jingdezhen porcelain surface, deep intangible cost is not included, don't put in other parts of the porcelain products and draw equal-sign with jingdezhen porcelain, is not the same class. The world ceramic organization lists jingdezhen porcelain as "fine porcelain", while products from other areas are listed as "ceramics".

  Ceramic production cost is low, mechanized production, such as a famous porcelain production areas in the production of imitation ru glaze cup into the microwave oven addend minutes and then into the cold water in the glaze produces cracked phenomenon. And jingdezhen porcelain will do the same thing without any changes, showing that their quality is different.

  We just look from the surface of porcelain gap is not big thought the cost would be a huge difference, and starting from the logical thinking wrong think that the price of China, there are many factors to deceive. Many people who buy archaic porcelain feel "cheated," and most people actually don't know about jingdezhen porcelain. Most people have never been exposed to high-end China, and they don't know a lot about the simple knowledge of porcelain, so it's normal to have this idea.

  Some porcelain production knowledge is necessary for porcelain collector, when buying porcelain can bring to oneself measure reference price, can reduce the chance of being deceived, don't miss some real collection.


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